About Me


I began writing about a decade ago. I began riding on the back of a motorcycle four years ago. A match made in heaven!

On one of our many treks to the California coast, my boyfriend asked me, "What do you think about back there?"

My immediate response? "I'm writing chapters!"

With the introduction of new material inspired by the passing scenery or simply from what my mind conjured up, my scattered ideas began to meld together. Add to this an amazing writer's group, and you have my first, self-published book--Photographs In Time. It can be found on Amazon as an e-book or paperback. If you like time-travel, mystery and a bit of romance, oh, and let's not forget murder, you’ll want to check it out.

My home is currently in the Nevada desert, and my house is on wheels. Both my boyfriend and I maintain land-based employment right now, but our hope is to follow the weather someday soon. This is a chosen life-style, and it's one of simplicity and pleasure.

As a visitor here, I would hope you find my writing to be a fun journey. Perhaps it could be a welcome escape as you travel along beside me through my books of fiction or my real life adventures on the back of the bike. While time travel is not quite within our grasp yet, unlike it is for my characters Sami and Jimmy, there are endless experiences to be had. Your next discovery could be around the corner or a short ride away if your heart and mind are open.

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